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We bring you Unani Treatment enriched by imbibing the best from the contemporary Ancient Practices.

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Safe & Effective Unani Herbal Treatment

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The original science of Medicine, encompassing all aspects and all fields of medical care, from nutrition and hygiene to psychiatric treatment.

► Treatment Modalities

The old traditional system offers treatment based on deep philosophical insights, scientific principles and holistic concepts.

► The Comprehensive Medical System

To meticulously deal with various health conditions, it employs a system of prophylactics, remedies, regimes, and rehabilitative healthcare.


Dr. S. Akbar Kausar

One of the renowned hakeem with a plethora of knowledge on various medicinal herbs and practices, and acknowledged to be one of the significant contributor to Unani Medicine. An exemplary and visionary mentor, my father, Dr. S. Akbar Kausar has always been my source of strength and determination and will always be a guiding light.

Dr. Yasir Unani Herbal Hospital & Research Center

Located at an easy-to-access area in Vaniyambadi (Tamil Nadu) & Bangalore (Karnataka) with close proximity to major transit points, our hospital strive to offer the best treatment to help you lead a healthy life.


To bring you the quality healthcare, we employ treatment that is natural, eco-friendly, less intrusive and more effective.

Safe and Effective Treatment

Because Unani focuses on rebalancing individuals and not just treating disease, our treatments are tailor-made and have low potential for iatrogenesis or side effects.

Prophetic Medicines

Our formulations employ various herbs mentioned in hadiths and many olden medical texts beneficial for long list of ailments.

Treatment & Medicines

In reviving the Ancient System, we have been involved with development of new drugs that has brought about a complete "paradigm shift" in certain approaches to patient treatment.

Dr. Yasir Arafath's Recognition

National, International & Minister Awards


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