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Unani Approach To Diseases And Treatment

Unani Medicine, also referred to as Greco-Arabic Medicine is the oldest, comprehensive medical system which meticulously deals with various states of health and diseases. It provides promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare.

In Unani, the proper functioning of the human body depends on seven factors known as Umoor-E-Tabaiya – elements, temperament, humours, organs, vital forces, faculties and functions.


Four Humours In Unani

According to Unani system, diseases are natural processes and the symptoms are body’s reaction to them. Human body has self-preservation power that maintains the balance of the four humours ( Blood (Dum), Phlegm (balgham), Yellow bile (safra), and Black bile (Sauda).

Humours are fluids, which the human body obtains from food and includes the various hormones and enzymes. A weakening of this power causes an imbalance in the humours, leading to diseases.

Four Elements Of Unani Herbal Medicine

Unani treatment facilitates body to regain or strengthen this balance. Unani System of Medicine enhances the natural healing power of the body through herbal compositions. Since they are produced from herbal abstracts and naturally occurring minerals, they help to heal faster and also gradually eliminate the very root cause of the disease.

Herbs used in the composition of medicines are less expensive and are safer means of treatment than conventional medications.