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Infertility Male

Treatment For Infertility Male

We live in a society that is not only fast-paced in nature, but also full of certain complexities. In recent years, health complications have taken the world by storm, and the doctors are finding it difficult to come to terms with this newfound menace. One such health issue is in the form of infertility in women and men. With 8 to 12 percent of couples having difficulty in conceiving, infertility has become a global issue. It is a disease of the reproductive system that impairs the body's ability to perform the basic function of reproduction.
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Where women are most often accused of being responsible for the infertility problem, I would like to shed light on the fact that problems in men can also be a major reason a couple cannot have children. About 80% of infertility cases with a diagnosed cause, half are based at least partially on male problems (referred to as male factors) – usually that the man produces too few sperm, a condition called oligospermia, or that he produces no sperm, a condition called azoospermia. Premature ejaculation or having an orgasm too soon during an intercourse is another possible cause for male infertility.


At Dr. Yasir Unani Herbal Hospital, we offer natural fertility treatment based on traditional system of medicines, that are mentioned in one of the oldest medical texts. The Unani System of Medicine is known for it’s holistic approach that addresses the root enablers and barriers to successful fertility and by the Grace of Almighty, unlocks the natural, innate ability of infertile couples suffering from Infertility problems. By the will of God, we have successfully treated many infertility cases at our hospital. And with this success rate, we invite you to our hospital if you notice signs and symptoms of infertility.


Children are a gift of Almighty Allah. While some couples conceive comfortably, for many, it takes much longer than that. This often creates one of the most distressing life crisis for wedded partners. Feeling anxious, depressed, and broken, couples who stall on the path to parenthood consult various doctors, gynaecologist, reproductive endocrinologist, and resort to various measures to conceive. Apart from causing mental stress, infertility has broken many homes, separated many families and caused disunity among partners even when they are still living together.

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It has a holistic approach to all the ailments and enhances the natural healing power of the body.

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The Unani System of Medicine and Surgery has in-depth potential in treating of diseases and disorders.

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Trained in Eastern Medicine Techniques and in Integrative Medicine from India’s one of the top university.

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Dr. Yasir Unani Herbal Hospital and Research Centre has played a great role in reviving the Ancient Healing Technique.



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