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Treatment For Skin Diseases

In other words, skin diseases sometimes occur due to imbalance in the bodily humour that results from weakness of liver. An improper diet can be one of the reason behind the weakened liver. Thus, correct diet and digestion are very important to maintain humoural balance. In the present era, chronic diseases like psoriasis have become more of a scourge of human life than other diseases and have created several challenges for human beings that has many effects and complications in patient's lives.
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Humours are produced in the liver, according to the nature of the degree of their digestion. They are then transferred to the vascular system, and from here they are distributed to all bodily cells, tissues and organs. The imbalance in the quality and quantity of these humours leads to various diseases in the body. When liver becomes weak, the imbalance in the humoral composition is bound to occur. This causes the evacuation of morbid humour from the body through skin. For example, the disarrangement of phlegmatic humour causes white patches on the skin, imbalance in black bile in the blood causes black patches on the skin etc.


With the prime objective to help our patients maintain a good health, we at Dr. Yasir Unani Herbal Hospital & Research Center, through our holistic approach try to assess our patient’s constitutional nature and temperament and provide effective treatment accordingly for several skin disorders. We also help you with medicines that restore humoural balance of the body, thus retaining health. For we believe that along with the symptomatic treatment, addressing and treating the underlying cause of the disease is equally important.


According to discipline of Unani System, all things in nature are composed of four primary elements i.e. fire, air, water and earth and human body is filled up with four basic essences called Akhlat or humours; Blood, Phlegm, Yellow bile, Black bile, where blood is red, phlegm is white, yellow bile is yellow and black bile is black in colour. Humours are the dietary sources for the organs to perform their functions properly. Among the worst complications of the disease are the phenomena of stigma and labelling from individuals and community. Individuals avoid having contact with the patients, which is very agonizing for the patients and leads them to develop an improper image of themselves. Patients also approach us for other skin ailments like Leucoderma, persistent itching, black patches to name a few.

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