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Kidney Failure

Treatment For Kidney Failure

One of the greatest gift to mankind is good health and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Kidneys are one of those important pair of organs that are located on either side of our spine and play a vital role in healthy functioning of the body by allowing us to excrete waste.Kidneys manage many essential functions in our body like, 1. Waste removal: kidneys help filter out various toxins, excessive salts, urea and other by-products of the body's metabolism. 2. Fluid balance: kidneys promote fluid or water balance in the body by regulating or excreting excess fluids in the form of urine. 3. Hormonal functions: kidneys produce various hormones for various body functions, these include (RBC) production and blood pressure control.
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kidney failure occurs when a certain disease or condition impairs kidney function, causing kidneys to worsen over time. There can be many reasons for kidney failure but here are a few.

1. Diabetes: Diabetes or increased sugar level causes reduced eye sight called diabetic retinopathy, swelling in nerves, making them weak called diabetic neuropathy, and eventually causing the failure of kidney called diabetic nephropathy.
2. Hypertension: Uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause arteries around the kidneys to become blocked and stop functioning, and eventually lead to kidney failure.
3. Kidney stones: kidney stones damage the kidney by blocking the flow of urine and causes bleeding and infection.
4. Antibiotics: The frequent use of certain antibiotics for fever and other medical conditions appear to increase the risk of developing kidney problems and failure.
5. Painkillers: Heavy or long term use of painkillers or analgesics for painful conditions have been linked to kidney damage.
6. Renal cyst: kidney cysts if not treated properly can cause complications and damage the kidneys.
7. Infections: Certain infections like UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection), if not treated promptly, can travel to the kidneys through ureter, affect the neurons and permanently damage your kidneys.


In Allopathy the only option available in case of increased urea and creatinin level is dialysis and transplantation. However with our Herbal Unani Medicine you can have the best treatment. The herbal composition works as a kidney rejuvenator and rectifies the kidney function even if in damaged condition.


Symptoms :
The worst part about kidney damage is that initially there are no evident symptoms as the kidney failure progresses, the toxic fluid that is excreted through Urine from the body including creatinine, urea, and various acids build up in the blood, eventually producing symptoms such as, vomiting, nausea, swelling in legs, fatigue, water retention in legs, hiccups, shortage of breath, poor appetite, foamy urine, weakness, disturbed sleep, itching and other problems.
Diagnosis :
The diagnosis of kidney failure usually is made by blood tests measuring BUN, creatinine, and glomerular filtration rate(GFR). The normal level of urea in blood is 45mg/dl and creatinin is 1.5mg/dl. If the blood report shows more than the normal level then it is apparent that the kidneys are affected.

Preventive Measure

The occurrence of kidney disease has increased rapidly in the last decade, highlighting the fact that our lifestyles are increasingly becoming unhealthy. In order to prevent kidney failure, following preventive measures can be taken.
1. Avoid junk food and reduce salt intake in food.
2. Control the blood sugar level and diabetes.
3. Stay away from alcohol, cigarette and other habit forming drugs.
4. Maintain your sleep cycle.
5. Exercise regularly.
6. Get checked for kidney stones and do not delay in removing it if it is present.
7. Avoid all potential kidney toxic medications like non steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers. Usage of herbal medicines can help in painful conditions which are safe and have no side effects.
8. Intake of more antibiotics must be avoided especially by children.
9. Drink more water and protect yourself from UTI.

Patients suffering from renal failure have to follow a proper diet in order to help clean out the patient’s blood and help the kidneys function better. Following are the guidelines a patient can follow.
1. Avoid using tomato, brinjal and spinach.
2. Use only 3 to 4 gms of salt in a day.
3. If there is a water retention in the body then reduce the intake of water to 1 to 1.5 litres a day.
4. Wash the vegetables thoroughly before cutting and boil it before using.
5. Use less cereals.
6. Fruits like apple, guava, and mango can be eaten and rest of the fruits have to be avoided.
7. If the patient is on allopathic medicines from long time then it is better to get the blood and urine tested in every 6 months.

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